looking for private student loans

Here are some tips to find the right loans for you:

1.Begin with your school to see if they offer a lender list.
2.Make sure the lender works with your school of choice.
3.Ask others for advice on lenders.
4.Make sure you’ve got the right loan. There may be different loans for undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, or certificate courses.

How to compare private student loans
Once you’ve found a couple of lenders, you can compare their private student loan options to see what each offers:

1.What is the interest rate range?
2.Can you choose a variable or fixed interest rate?
3.Are there hidden student loan fees, like an origination fee?
4.Are there benefits that help you lower your interest rate?
5.Do you have access to your FICO® Credit Score?
6.Is the company reputable, with many years of experience?